Why us ?
We’ve shot weddings. We shoot weddings. We’re not wedding photographers. We’re just… photographers. Actually you could say that we’re wedding photographers, but to us it’s a small part of what our passion for photography represents. So weddings… We’ve shot weddings in palaces, and in regular restaurants. We’ve shot weddings in big tents, and someone else’s 2by4 tents that the bride and groom rented for the day. We’ve shot weddings under the clear blue sky and in the community home of a tiny village in Transilvania and on islands in Greece. We’ve shot weddings on the outskirts of major cities like London and in the intimacy, beauty and authenticity of a backyard in Romania. Why is wedding photography important to us ? Because the shots we make say we were there, in that moment that cannot be reproduced, replaced or even fully lived out again. These shots say that we were part of people’s lives, that we were met with situations, circumstances and scenarios that otherwise wouldn’t have been available for us to see, live and document. Wedding photography has become a big part of our lives because it shows that we matter for those that allow us to give back to them moments that matter, firstly for them and also for us. One of the biggest drives that we can encapsulate in words when it comes to photographing couples is the excitement of having two people in front of our cameras, the thrill of meeting them, meeting their families and friends, being welcomed in someone’s home and having the opportunity to see the events unravel. We live in a world that values commitment and we intend to capture that visually, for as long as we live. We live to live in reality and love is a big part of our reality. It matters, it’s a big deal, it’s a real deal. If we stop now we can be thankful and feel blessed to have already met such wonderful, fun, crazy, down-to-earth, incredible couples both in Romania and abroad.

photo by our good friends Future/Past Visual Adventures