Cristian & Iarina. An exuberant wedding day

I haven’t blogged properly in more than a year. Since 2012 i made it a habit ( as you have to, if you are a hungry wedding photographer ) to blog regularly and showcase the work constantly and blog weddings and sessions and so on and so forth. But in 2017 after the longest season in these 7, i just ran out of “blogging fuel”, which can be so bad and have so many bad results. But this is not about that. This post is about life. And sadly, about death. This is about a sweet grandmother. Now, of course it can be interpreted in many ways, but i just want to blog this wedding in order to somehow pay my condoleances to this bride for the recent loss of her beloved grandmother. In any case, my only hope is that they enjoy this series and accept this post as my way of saying : sorry for your loss, i pray that you have comfort in your hearts in these hard moments.

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