The emotional, the emotive, the beautifully engaged : Elias & Sara // Barcelona engagement photographer

This is love, those moments that matter.

The emotional, the emotive, the beautifully engaged : Elias & Sara.

I have to say right from the start, talking with Elias about his engagement plans was amazing. It’s always a special feeling to know something so personal. So when Elias wrote to me about proposing to Sara, i was more than thrilled. A new adventure was about to begin. The fact that he was going to do it in Barcelona was another amazing fact. I’ve come to absolutely love Barcelona. Getting to be in a wonderful location combined with meeting a couple face to face for the first time is such a thrilling experience. And witnessing them getting engaged. Wow. So much emotion, so much happiness, so much kindness. I love the fact that he planned it all and that he also had their friends join. It was great to meet a group of friends, being surprised and congratulating them ! I’ve said it time and time again, surprise proposals are such a big favourite of mine ! And i’m happy and thankful that i got to document Elias & Sara’s engagement in Barcelona.