Getting engaged and eloping in Europe is amazing ! // Europe couples photographer

Of course i was shaking with excitement and emotion when i took this shot. Getting engaged is such a thrilling rush of well, everything !

Why ?

Because people are incurably in love. People get engaged. People travel great distances and explore new places, new countries, new cities. For me that is mind-blowing and it usually feels a bit hard to talk about something that is so clearly expressed already in photographs.

An image is a magical thing.

As i’m working on this series i understand a few things. You are coming to Europe or maybe you are getting engaged in Europe.

You are coming to Barcelona and other cities on this beautiful continent. Also, you are eloping or whatever you want to call it and are getting ready to see all these new and exciting places. And i can promise at least a few things will happen if we meet and i photograph you :

We’ll have a LOT of fun.

You’ll love your photos. Of course if you love how these photos look like.

In other words, we’ll explore a lot.

Above all,  we’ll have a great time and your memories will be timeless.

So here we are, i can’t wait to meet you, wherever you’re coming from. Say HELLO and let’s plan your beautiful adventure.

Transylvania, Normandy, UK, Barcelona, wherever else you would want to go, i’m with you !

This is love, those moments that matter.

engaged in europe engaged in europe engaged in europe