Sweden destination wedding photographer // For all the future brides out there

Sweden wedding photographer

Hey, i’m Sergiu & i am your wedding photographer. 

Welcome !

I get it ( I’ve been there, believe me ). You’re having a wedding in 2019 in Sweden. Therefore, if you are insanely in love, insanely cute, insanely expressive, exuberant, extroverted, you’re in the perfect spot. In other words, I’d love to present you with this bundle of memories.

You need to see this and we need to talk about your wedding date, like right now.

Why me

Above all… i believe in things such as authenticity, raw emotions and natural interactions, unposed love, photo series of couples that don’t look all the same because although we are alike in a lot of ways as people we are also different, unique, amazing, beautiful. 
We have things to offer to this world and honestly, i can’t wait to meet you.

You’ve come to the right place and i hope that my vision for documenting weddings is to your liking. However, my main purpose is to always document reality. The reality of a wedding day, the reality of your love, your interaction, your family and friends gathering with you and being with you on your outstanding wedding day.

Where are the grooms ?

I chose to specifically make this series about the brides because i thought one day. I was shooting an after-wedding session (trash the dress) somewhere in Transilvania on some hills in autumn.

And as i was looking at the bride trying to find compositions i thought : ”When you see a bride in a photo, it just makes you happy. For instance, if you see a bride on the street, the almost reflex is to smile and you’d be right to. It’s a very beautiful sight to see : A bride. In a stunning dress, with a stunning smile on her face and in her heart. How amazing that she is a bride. So now, a few weeks later i thought i’d make a number of specific series of photos.

And i’m starting with the BRIDE. Because why not ? A lot of times when i talk to the groom and we talk about the wedding day, he’d be like : yea so can you go there and there with the bride because you know, the bride is the most important. In many ways the bride is the star of the show, the one everyone looks at with joy and smiles and happy thoughts.

Therefore, I can’t wait to document your wedding.

In other words, i’m Sergiu – your wedding photographer in ………. wherever it is you’re reading this from.

For me, the farther, the better.
This is love, those moments that matter.

            Sweden Wedding photographer Sweden Wedding photographer Sweden Wedding photographer Sweden Wedding photographer

Interested in seeing more images ? Sure, here you go : 2017 in images

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