This is love in autumn // Europe destination photographers




i had started to write this in my notes but i realised that love in autumn deserves a clean slate and i direct effort rather than trying to word it out before-hand. So you can call this a freestyle. About autumn. And couples. Couples in love. About autumn and love and couples. About the colours, the emotion, the laughter, the light, the hugs and the kisses, about everything in between. Although i used to loath autumn, a few years ago it suddenly hit me. I LOVE AUTUMN. It’s absolutely amazing. And it’s such a joy to do what i do and have people in from of the camera and then for other people to see what you can see in this series. Isn’t a joy to see images, beautiful images that are comprised of a few elements that if missing, the image wouldn’t exist. To me that is something so, so, so special.

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